How It Works

document crunch

Document Crunch™ harnesses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology and leverages it to help you reduce cost, increase speed, and improve the overall quality of your contract and policy reviews. For each document type offered, Document Crunch is trained to quickly identify what we and our Industry Curators and Advisors believe are the most important provisions for review. In addition, our Industry Curators provide key insights and rationale, as well as sample contract provisions and other language, putting the power of their collective experience right in your hands. Not only will this help you negotiate and analyze contracts and policy documents, but it will serve as a great training tool for your personnel.

Document Crunch’s Industry Accelerators are curated and by legal professionals and risk management experts in those industries. Our Curators and Advisors are thought leaders in their industries and uniquely positioned to train Document Crunch’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Platform to immediately go to work for you. Click here to learn more about who we are and the Curators and Advisors who are the brains behind Document Crunch’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Platform.

The training and updates provided by Document Crunch’s Curators and Advisors ensure that Document Crunch is ready to go to work for you now, and that it remains current and trends and standards change. Not only do you get the speed and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence Technology, but Document Crunch’s team of Curators and Advisors makes sure that our platform does the work you want it to do. You do not have to train the platform for your needs … we’ve already done that.

Privacy and security are top priorities. Click here to read Document Crunch’s Privacy and Security Policy. Your documents remain private, and we use the latest in cyber security to keep your information safe. Click here to review our Terms of Service.

We love our product. We love our technology. Our Curators and Advisors work hard to create and curate a valuable tool to save you time and money. But Document Crunch is not a replacement for your lawyers and other risk management professionals, and, like them, Document Crunch is not perfect. Document Crunch is a tool to help you quickly and efficiently Crunch through a document. It enables you and/or your legal/risk management professionals to quickly identify what we believe are the most important provisions, saving time and money, and allows you to reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence Technology without investing significant time and resources into training your own contract/document review platform. This means you can get started now, with no up-front costs or commitment.