What Our Users Think


What our users think


Before Document Crunch, the lawyers had to review hundreds of contracts every year requiring significant consumption of resources simply identifying the issues. Document Crunch's identification of issues allows this work to be spread out among operations personnel that will be working within the constraints of the contract on the day-to-day basis.

Jeff Brannen

Jeffrey Brannen SVP Legal
Balfour Beatty


Document Crunch continues to advance in both technology and business sophistication – they are consistently one of our top technology partners in terms of customer enthusiasm and interest. The founders of Document Crunch are innovative, energetic, and passionate about solving customers’ problems and advancing technology adoption for risk reduction in construction. We are proud to support Document Crunch in our Construction Ecosystem Tech Library!

Rose Hall VP & Head of Construction Innovation


I’ve been using Document Crunch to review construction contracts in various capacities. It’s a great efficiency tool in terms of saving time as well as catching otherwise hidden terms. I’m glad that there’s finally an artificial intelligence platform specifically for the construction industry.

Kim Gessner, Esq. VP and Deputy General Counsel,
Moss & Associates


Document Crunch has become an invaluable resource to us for identifying and mapping the critical terms and conditions of our contracts. We’ve been able to work with the Document Crunch team to customize our use of the platform and we place great value in the construction-specific tools that support the technology. It’s a game changer.

Paul M. James Sr. VP, Risk Mgnt & General Counsel
BOND Brothers, Inc.


The testimonial should say: Builders who aren’t innovating effectively and adopting technologies today will be out of business tomorrow. Standard contract documents establish foundation for risk management. Using AI for construction contracts give those using it an advantage in contract negotiations. It instills a superpower onto field operations and legal professionals to focus on what matters most and make their efforts matter more. Document Crunch is the only AI that I have seen that works for construction, and its impact will absolutely grow. ConsensusDocs and Document Crunch collaborating on construction contracts will disrupt the industry for the better, one contract at a time.

Brian Perlberg, Esq., CM-Lean Executive Director and Sr. Counsel at ConsensusDocs; and Senior Counsel of Construction Law and Contracts
Associated General Contractors of America


Document Crunch has become my first step within the contract review process. Going through each provision on an especially lengthy contract can seem daunting, but it really jump starts the review process and eliminates getting hung up on confusing provisions. The table of contents alone, has been a great learning and review tool in identifying provisions that may otherwise be "hidden", and even identifies which provisions are not included in the contract.

Meagan Evans Contract Admin
Latite Roofing Company


Document Crunch enables us to quickly identify potential risk, evaluate the need for outside counsel and flag requirements for our project teams to track throughout their projects. It also assists in our go/no-go decision making process. Ultimately, Document Crunch facilitates my job, allowing me to be more attentive, efficient and productive.

David Kramer VP, Preconstruction Services
Blach Construction


Document Crunch is a great solution: it allows me to do more with less and focus on the highest value work.

Katie Johnson General Counsel
CSM Group of Companies


I see this as a potential game-changer, leveraging AI and Machine Learning to significantly reduce cycle time and burden of reviewing the overwhelming volume of contracts that we have which strains our limited resources.

Josh Bell

Josh Bell Associate General Counsel
Hoar Construction


For our small legal team, we need to be nimble. Document Crunch gives us that and much more. Using this AI tool, we complete high level contract reviews faster, so we can spend more time educating our teams about the best strategies to mitigate project risk. Ultimately, this efficiency allows us to deliver better value to our customers.

Nathan Johnson Assistant General Counsel
The Boldt Company


Document Crunch’s Project Cheat Sheet is a great way for project personnel to quickly navigate to the provisions they need to see, like notice requirements, schedule obligations and retainage provisions. The platform lets you share the document with as many team members as you want, for no additional cost. It’s a great value and efficient tool.

Eric Berke Senior Project Manager
Coastal Construction


The testimonial should say: Document Crunch is an incredible resource when you need a high-level analysis of the significant terms of a contract … The efficiency it has created from my team is invaluable. We will be using it on all contracts moving forward.

Patrick Painter, Esq. Vice President
Hedrick Brothers Construction


We are lean and don’t have an in house legal function. That means that me and my team are charged with evaluating proposed contracts to bid, negotiate, etc. Having a tool like Document Crunch means that we can elevate our internal service to provide risk assessments while continuing manage overhead. This only helps the bottom line.

Scott Sherry Chief Financial Officer
RCC Associates


An excellent product that's easy to use and is based on a unique concept of creating an AI contract review tool tied to specific industries.... I used this feature for a real NDA that I needed to review and was very impressed with the results.

Sterling Miller Three-Time General Counsel, Author,
Keynote Speaker, Hilgers Graben PLLC.


Document Crunch is a great way to get through lengthy construction contracts, explanations & sample language provided are an added bonus. Also, the insurance policy review allows us to quickly navigate our subcontractors’ & vendors’ entire insurance policy forms, taking us to the information we really need. We no longer rely solely on certificates of insurance.

Jeff Cohen Co-Owner
All County Paving


Document Crunch stands out in the market of AI programs and has become a reliable resource to how we evaluate contracts and manage our contract review process as a whole. Document Crunch became an extension of our risk management team when COVID-19 struck and we needed a tool to specifically identify critical relief language in current contracts. It’s a must have program in the always evolving technology market in the construction industry.

Maria DiTommaso Corporate Risk Mgnt & Contract Specialist
BOND Brothers, Inc.


Thanks for allowing me to experience Document Crunch and the artificial intelligence platform that provided me perspective with a cumbersome contract. I used Document Crunch for an onerous contract and upcoming contract review discussion to make sure I was capturing the risk-transferring provisions and to see the suggested feedback as it pertained to those provisions. The platform captured the risk-transferring provisions I was looking for and provided insightful suggestions relating to those provisions, including proposed language I found thoughtful, valuable, and helpful. With Document Crunch promptly identifying key risk-transferring provisions, I was able to efficiently identify and address those issues in a contract-review discussion.

David M. Adelstein, Esq. Partner
Kirwin Norris, P.A.


First and foremost, it worked flawlessly. Kudos. It quickly did, at a very reasonable price ... exactly what you say ... it is designed to do. . . I also think it would be a great tool for a contractor ... to share with their subcontractors and suppliers that don’t have counsel. Specifically when they argue that they can’t or won’t read the Prime Contract flow-down provisions because the contracts are too long!

Confidential User Chief Legal Officer
Global Heavy Infrastructure Company


The NDA review tool was spot on in finding critical issues, and really helped me speed up my review.

Confidential User Assistant General Counsel
Publicly Traded Company


This was a very quick response time from upload to review. I really enjoyed having access to the Rationale/Insights in the document. This is a great summary refresher for terms that we sometimes forget doing this day to day.

Corey Adler, Esq. Associate General Counsel
Lagardere Sports & Entertainment