Frequently Asked Questions?


1. Does it cost me anything to create an account?

Nope! Registering is no cost and risk-free. Sign up here and run a free sample Crunch: Try it Free

2. Does it matter which form of agreement that I upload?

Nope! We trained our AI on a vast array of construction contracts and policies and due to the AI’s natural language processing (NLP) ability, it won’t care which form you give it.

3. Awesome, what different things can your AI review then?

Our bread and butter is construction, but check out our full list here: Product Offerings - Document Crunch.

4. Great, now how does one go about doing a crunch???

After you purchase Crunches, let this short video clip illustrate for you: Step by Step - Document Crunch.

5. I did an upload and now want to share the results of the crunch with a friend/colleague/client, what will that cost me or them?

Absolutely nothing. You already did the heavy lifting. Just locate and use the Share Crunch button to send it over to whoever. All that is required is for them to also create a Document Crunch account, if they don’t already have one, to be able to view it. (It’ll be in the “Shared Crunches” tab of their dashboard).

6. I love Document Crunch’s ability to quickly highlight all these important provisions for me, what other things can it do? Can I edit/redline? ?

At present, Document Crunch isn’t able to support real-time contract editing. Our current users have reported that their solution is to simply have Document Crunch open on one screen and their editing program on another. As for other features, ask us about our interactive checklist that is available to our enterprise users and/or higher volume users!

7. What’s your privacy policy and cyber security measures?

In addition to our comprehensive Terms of Service, feel free to E-mail us ( for a copy of our cybersecurity protocols and privacy policy.

8. Great! Anything else I should know?

The AI of Document Crunch will never replace the necessity of a human’s review and input. But it will surely make it more efficient. Even your accountants need calculators.