68% Of Deloitte’s 2019 Tech Fast 500
Are From Software

By: Louis Columbus | Forbes

Software companies continue to dominate Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500. Earlier this month, Deloitte released its annual list of the fastest growing North American companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy tech sectors. Software companies consistently dominate the fastest growing firms in North America based on Deloitte’s analysis, leading the index for the 24th consecutive year. “Once again, we saw innovation across the board, with software companies continuing their dominance of the top 10. It’s always inspiring to see how the Fast 500 companies are transforming business and the world we live and work in,” said Sandra Shirai, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP, and U.S. technology, media, and telecommunications leader. Please see page 3 of the 2019 Technology Fast 500 study for specifics on the Deloitte methodology used to rank the companies and industries. Key insights from the survey include the following:

Software companies dominate the top ten and entire ranking with UiPath, Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc., AuditBoard, Outreach, iLearningEngines Inc., Urgently, SentinelOne, Wibbitz, LendingPoint and Fortress Biotech, Inc. taking the lead. The following graphic lists the top ten Deloitte 2019 North America Technology Fast 500 winners, their percentage revenue growth rate, headquarters location, and CEO.

48% of the software companies making the Deloitte's 2019 Tech Fast 500 are SaaS-based. Of the 68% of all software companies included in Deloitte's 2019 Tech Fast 500, nearly one in two, or 48%, are SaaS-based. 12% are focused on fintech and 10% digital platforms. 7% are creating and selling data analytics and security software. There are a total of 343 software companies on Deloitte's 2019 Tech Fast 500 this year.

Energy tech, software, digital content/media & entertainment, and medical devices are the four sectors generating the fastest growing businesses over the last three years. Deloitte recognized GreenPrint, Convergent Energy, and UQM Technologies Inc. as leaders in energy tech this year. Leaders in digital content/media and entertainment include Vislink Technologies, Inc., HomeLight, GlassView, Azure Knowledge Corporation, Rumble, Gametime, TripleLift, HealthCare.com, AUDIENCEX and Agence Dialekta, Inc. The following graphic compares sector performance over three years on median percentage annual growth rate for each sector included in the study.

19% of the 2019 Technology Fast 500 are from Silicon Valley, followed by the New York metro area with 12%. New England is home to 8% of the 2019 Technology Fast 500, with 7% being based in the Washington, D.C. metro area, followed by Los Angeles with 5%. The following map provides the location of each company’s headquarters included in the Deloitte 2019 North America Technology Fast 500. 75% of companies in this year’s North America Technology Fast 500 from Silicon Valley are software based.

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